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Club Dash Logger 3 (CDL3) [M CDL3 BL]    
Club Dash Logger 3 (CDL3)

    MoTeC is excited to announce the release of the new CDL3 Club Dash Logger and the new CDL3 Kits.This is a great value that has been developed for entry-level markets such as club racing.

     The CDL3 follows the familiar design of the SDL3 and ADL3 Dash Loggers; however, it uses an economical plastic connector and offers more modest features to keep it competitively priced. It is a configurable unit that can be expanded with logging and I/O options.

The Club Dash Logger comes standard as a combined backlit display and powerful control device in one lightweight unit. With the addition of the datalogging upgrade it becomes a fully programmable with 8Mb memory

It offers the same construction and the advanced technology as the top of the line ADL3, with a package of features tailored to entry level motorsports requirements. 

 The screen layout is fully configurable to display a multitude of data channels, warning alarms, lap times, fuel calculations, minimum corner
speeds, maximum straight speeds and more. The CDL3 performs calculations, acquiring data from other devices such as an ECU, another
Dash Logger and input expander modules, which enable it to log a multitude of inputs.


  • All-in-one display, logger and controller eliminates the need for separate devices
  • Suitable for bikes, cars, marine and industrial applications
  • Compact, durable and reliable unit
  • Supports Wideband Lambda from MoTeC PLMs or LTCs, using Bosch LSU or NTK UEGO 5 wire sensors
  • Straightforward control for lights, fans, pumps (optional)
  • Easily integrated with MoTeC CAN based devices, e.g. Power Distribution Modules, expanders, GPS,
  • shift lights and ECUs

Logging and Analysis

  • Optional internal data logging of 8 MB
  • Fast download via Ethernet
  • Data analysis with i2 Standard
  • Accommodates over 300 channels derived from a mixture of analogue and digital inputs, RS232 and
  • CAN data channels


  • Customisable screen layout, measurement units and warnings
  • Configurable curved bar graph can display any channel with optional peak, hold and shift markers
  • 48 user-defined alarms, e.g. Low Oil Pressure, Low Fuel, Fast Lap
  • Programmable overrides - particularly useful for showing values such as lap times
  • Three programmable 'pages' for Warm-up, Practice and Race ensure the driver is shown only the
  • most relevant information at any given time
  • Adjustable backlight Software
  • Windows-based software designed for setup and management of the display and data logging system
  • The user can generate a configuration file offline and send the completed configuration to the Dash Logger
  • Calculations including lap times, lap gain/loss, speed and distance, fuel prediction
  • Monitor active channels—view all channels live
  • Sensor zeroing
  • Details editor including event, venue and vehicle details
  • Extensive Help screen
  • To access the newest software features you can download the latest version from


  • MoTeC ECUs: M4, M48, M8, M84, M400, M600, M800 and M880
  • MoTeC Accessories: E888, SLM, PLM, LTC, BR2, PDM, GPS, PDM, etc.
  • Many non-MoTeC ECUs and other devices including OBD-II

Track Display Kit Includes

  • CDL3 Terminated Loom
  • CDL3 2 Button loom
  • 10hz GPS L10
  • SLM-C Club Shift Light Module
  • Ethernet Communications Cable


Available Options:
CDL3: Add Track Display kit ( + $532.00 )
Add 8MB MEM ( + $552.00 )
Add 12 I/O ( + $463.00 )
CDL3 I/O EXPANSION LOOM ( + $225.00 )
CDL3 TO M4 ADAPTER LOOM ( + $45.00 )
CDL3 TO MX00 ADAPTER LOOM ( + $45.00 )
2 BUTTON CDL3 LOOM ( + $102.00 )
Curly Cord extension for button loom ( + $45.00 )
Club Dash Logger 3 (CDL3)
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Club Dash Logger 3 (CDL3)
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