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Using the latest in technology, ACT manufactures custom performance clutch assemblies for racing and street applications. ACT has helped some of the worlds top import drag racers to record setting times.

TOTALLY TOUGH! ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plates provide increased torque capacity, durability, and extended clutch life. What makes ACT Pressure Plates the highest standard in the industry?

* ACT manufacturing always begins with new units. ACT Pressure Plates are not rebuilt from worn out parts.

* Pressure is increased the right way. Altering the geometry alone is not enough. Instead, ACT engineers a stronger diaphragm. ACT diaphragms are heat-treated using an exclusive 3-stage process and the release bearing contact area is hardened to reduce wear.

* ACT designs the pressure and release travel of the unit to be in the optimum working range.

* ACT assures consistency and precision by using proven assembly procedures. Every unit ACT produces is accurately balanced and tested. No quesswork, no hype, only proven engineering and calculated results for every ACT Heavy Duty and Xtreme Pressure Plate.

NO MERCY! ACT Xtreme Pressure Plates deliver the maximum holding power available! For high horsepower streetcars, combine this high clamp pressure plate with an ACT Street Disc to maintain smooth engagement and obtain high torque capacity. For racing, combine the ACT Xtreme Pressure Plate with the ACT Xtreme Race Disc for the ultimate in torque capacity, durability and quick shifting. What makes these units so unique? The radical increase in clamp load developed from a single specially designed diaphragm. ACT employs several secrets (just good engineering) to maximize load and reduce flex. The result is maximum torque capacity and long life, while maintaining good release clearance for fast, clean shifting. On some units, such as the Eclipse/Talon, ACT gussets the pressure plate cover to reduce flex caused by the high pressure.

ACT Xtreme Pressure Plates are made with the same high standard as ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plates. ACT Xtreme Pressure Plates can be found on many of the fastest cars on the track. ACT Xtreme Pressure Plates are identified throughout the application chart when the pressure plate number is followed by a suffix "X". Please contact the ACT technical staff for availability and applications. Xtreme Clutches for the Xtreme Racer!

SIMPLY SMOOTH! ACT Street Discs are designed for smooth engagement, quiet operation and improved durability using only the best organic, spring center designs. When an ACT Modified Street Disc is available, the suffix "M" appears in the disc part number. The marcel of the disc has been modified to enable quicker action. When a special ACT Performance Organic Street Disc is available, the suffix "S" will appear. These discs use special performance linings designed to withstand high heat and abuse. Most of these "S" discs are also modified for quicker shifting.

What is all the hype about different lining materials available? ACT still contends that nothing can beat a good quality organic disc for street use. Virtually all the premium sport car manufacturers use organic discs. The Eclipse/Talon AWD Turbo is a good illustration. This application can be especially hard on clutches for several reasons: all wheel drive, the heavy weight of the car, and limited clutch size. Yet because of the durability of the ACT Performance Organic Street Disc (PN MBSD010S) when used with the ACT Xtreme Pressure Plate, many of the fastest Eclipse/Talons owners enjoy smooth engagement and record setting timeslips.

Copper Ceramic Race Discs (Xtreme Discs)
RACE READY! Attack the track with the ACT Xtreme Race Disc. Shifting is quick and sure due to the lightweight rigid design. ACT Xtreme Race Discs are available in 4 or 6-pad solid hub design, these pads (pucks, buttons) are highly durable and resistant to heat. Why use an ACT Xtreme Race Disc? The copper ceramic material holds approximately 28% more torque than an organic lining. ACT Copper Ceramic Xtreme Race Discs engage fairly harsh and are not normally recommended for street use. ACT recommends 6-pad ACT Xtreme Race Discs for larger sizes to absorb more heat and for smoother engagement. The 4-pad ACT Xtreme Race Discs engage harsher, shift faster, and are well suited for smaller disc sizes from smaller engines.


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