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Optimum race car suspension components must be designed for consistent performance, an infinite fatigue life and absolute minimum weight. Hyperco looks at every aspect of design. Is it as light as possible? Is it the optimal design that can be produced? They continue to research and develop materials and techniques to further our product line in the areas of performance and weight savings. Through research and development efforts, Hyperco offers a collection of new and innovative components.

Hypercoils are recognized world-wide to be the best suspension coils available. For the past 37 years the winning cars at the Indianapolis 500 used Hypercoils. In recent years nearly every car in the starting lineup up used Hypercoils.

As competition in motor-racing continues to escalate more and more teams are discovering the performance advantage of Hypercoils.

Race Springs

2.25 ID x 4.0
340# to 3400#
2.25 ID x 5.0
300# to 3800#
2.25 ID x 6.0
200# to 2500#
2.25 ID x 7.0
250# to 1600#
2.25 ID x 8.0
150# to 1200#
2.25 ID x 9.0
150# to 600#
2.50 ID x 4.0
350# to 600#
2.50 ID x 7.0
175# to 450#
2.50 ID x 8.0
200# to 1000#
2.50 ID x 10.0
95# to 900#
2.50 ID x 12.0
85# to 850#
2.50 ID x 14.0
85# to 400#


Hypercoils are a different product than other springs on the market. They are manufactured from the best materials to closer tolerances. A wider range of wire sizes are available from stock so proper sizes are selected to optimize the designs. In addition to multiple inspections, Hypercoils undergo an exacting heat treat and shotpeening process to ensure accuracy. Reliable and accurate, Hypercoils are lightweight and generally offer more deflection. And most importantly, they will not lose free length.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Hypercoils are guaranteed for life to the original purchaser with proof of purchase from Hyperco or our authorized dealers/distributors to remain within two percent of the original manufacturing tolerances for rate and free length when properly cared for and used in normal racing conditions.

Helper Springs

Helper Springs 2.25 and 2.50. Info on Helper Spring -- Keeps the spring indexed in spring perchs when flying over holes and when the car is on jacks.
Hydraulic Coupling Device (HCD)

Hyperco calls it "Momentum Technology". It's two pieces of precision designed hardware that is placed on each end of a coil over spring. The HCD allows the spring to pivot during compression and extension. The result? A significant reduction in cross/axial side loads and the accompanying friction that is associated with these forces. In turn, this reduction of the side force and friction reduces load and wear on shock seals and allows more force and energy to be directed to the car's mechanical grip.
HCO designs are available to fit all popular damper/shock absorber applications as well as customs.



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