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Mazda 3 Turbo Kit Info

The Tri-Point Engineering Mazda3 2.3l Turbo Kit has been in development for nearly two years. We have done extensive R&D and testing to provide you the highest quality kit available for your Mazda3. The turbo kit was designed from a clean sheet with the same care and attention to detail that goes into our race cars. As we developed the kit, we operated under 3 guiding criteria: ...

Introductory Price $3999
1. Only high-quality parts were to be used throughout - not just the turbo or the intercooler. Every part has been chosen with track duty in mind. All fittings, hoses and heat shielding are of the highest quality.
2. Installation should be well thought out and appear clean and tidy when finished. Hose lengths are cut precisely. Many parts are pre-assembled to make installation easier and more precise when finished.
3. The kit must have power, driveability and durability. Anyone can throw a huge turbo on an engine and get more power. Typically turbo kits employing this strategy are short-lived. Our Kit has over 20,000 street miles on it. We've tried different intercoolers, turbos, down pipes and hoses.

We've spent many hours on our Dynapak chassis dyno fine tuning the kit. We've spent months driving our "mule" car on the street, data logging our engine management system and improving drivability. We've spent days on "cold start" tuning alone. There isn't a kit out there with more research and development than the Tri-Point Engineering turbo kit. Our kit puts out great power, is durable, and most importantly has great driveability. It feels like a stock car, until you want to "go".

Dyno Sheets

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What year will this fit?
The Turbo kit is designed for 2004- Current 2.3L Mazda3 vehicles. The parts have all been made to fit these years, however some ECU's have not been verified.

Will this work on my Automatic?
As of 06-08 this has not been tested.

Can I install this on a 2.0L?
Though the physical parts will likely bolt onto the 2.0L motor, the kit's electronics have only been calibrated and tested for 2.3L models. Therefore, the Tri-Point turbo kit should only be installed on a 2.3L Mazda 3.

Do I need to cut any wires?
Yes. All installations require the factory injector plugs to be cut off and replaced with new plugs to match the larger injectors that come with the kit. Also, you must cut and intercept/tap several wires near the ECU in the engine bay. The kit comes with all connectors and shrink wrap necessary, as well as clear wiring instructions and pinouts. Please note that the wiring instructions vary depending on model year and if your car is a California model. Use the appropriate instructions for your vehicle.

Do I need to upgrade my exhaust?
A larger exhaust is not necessary for turbo kit installation. However, a larger exhaust will certainly benefit performance.

Is the turbo wastegate internal or external?
The turbo comes with an internal wastegate, modified to work with our kit.

What is a MAZDASPEED blow off valve?
This is a factory Mazda turbo recirculation valve found on cars such as the MAZDASPEED Miata. It is designed to direct air back into the intake path when the throttle closes.

Will this kit pass smog, is it CARB approved?
This kit is designed for off-road motorsports use only, and as such, we cannot make any claims about its ability to pass an emissions test in any state. That said, we have worked tirelessly to replicate OEM drivability and efficiency throughout the RPM range. The kit is not CARB approved.

How long does it take to install?
With proper tools and working carefully, a person with good mechanical skills should be able to install the kit in two days.

What tools are needed?
There are no specialized tools required for installation. You will need sockets, ratchets, box wrenches, and screwdrivers. You will need a knife or shears for cutting a couple of hoses, and wire strippers/crimpers for completing the wiring. You will also need a heat source, such as a heat gun, for shrinking the heat-shrink on the wiring. A floor jack and jack stands are also required, or an automotive lift.

Do I need any other parts?
You will need engine oil, an oil filter, water, and coolant. Some cable ties for securing wiring and hoses.

Will the downpipe bolt to my stock exhaust?
Yes, the downpipe is designed to mate to the factory exhaust as well as most bolt-on aftermarket exhaust systems.

Do I have to learn how to program the computer?
No, the kit comes with a pre-programmed AEM FIC piggyback computer.

Are the Kit pieces Professional Grade?
Yes, all parts in the kit are well thought out and should be very durable.

Will my car still run on regular fuel?
We recommend the use of 91 octane pump gas with the turbo kit.

Will my car run hotter?
As with any upgrade that increases load on the engine, the turbo kit can increase the thermal load on the cooling system when the car is on boost. In normal street driving you should experience no difference in cooling system performance, though in race conditions on a track, you may find that your car needs cooling system upgrades, with or without the turbo kit.

Will my mileage suffer?
This depends on how you drive the car. At normal sustained highway speeds, you should experience little difference in fuel mileage. When driving at lower speeds, using the gas pedal more and going into boost, or when accelerating hard, you will likely see some decrease in fuel mileage.

How much does this kit cost?

The introductory price of this kit is $3999, this includes all major components hardware and electronics.


Click Here to view a SAMPLE version of our instruction manual. Please note, due to the variance in ECU's the wiring diagram for your specific vehicle may be different.


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